Champagne for Caesar (DVD)

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A riotous comedy about an unemployed genius who becomes a contestant on television's biggest quiz show and proceeds to win the company from the show's sponsor. Vincent Price gives the best performance of his career as the eccentric owner of the Milady Soap empire. Brilliant film comedy with superb performances by Academy Award winners Ronald Coleman and Celeste Holm. A rollicking, romantic film on everyone's top ten list.

Starring: Ronald Coleman, Celeste Holm, Vincent Price, Art Linkletter, Barbara Britton, Mel Blanc

Directed By: Richard B. Whorf

Written By: Hans Jacoby, Fred Brady

Language: English

Video: 480i Standard Definition / 1.33:1 / B&W

Audio: English Dolby Digital Mono

Subtitles: None

Theatrical Release: 1950

Runtime: 99 Minutes

Rating: NR

Region Code: 1 (US & Canada)

Special Features: Includes the Retrospective Documentary Flying Saucers Over Hollywood: The Plan 9 Companion (1992, 111 min.), featuring interviews with stars Gregory Walcott, Carl Anthony, Paul Marco, Vampira and Conrad Brooks, plus sci-fi historian Forrest J. Ackerman and directors/fans Sam Raimi and Joe Dante

Genre: Comedy, Romance