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    Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
    A: We accept all major credit cards (Mastercard/Visa/American Express) as well as PayPal.  Debit cards are accepted as long as they have a Mastercard, Visa, or American Express logo on them.  We do not accept checks or Money Orders.

    Q: Are gift cards available?
    A: Gift cards can be purchased here or by clicking on the link on the top of our site.

    Q: Do you ship to countries outside of the United States?
    A: We do ship to most countries. You can calculate shipping charges by adding items to your cart before finalizing the order.

    Q: Where can I find upcoming releases so I can pre-order them?
    A: Upcoming preorder titles will appear under the New Releases product page within a week of availability. 

    Q: When are preorder titles generally available to order?
    A: Preorders usually go on sale the last Wednesday of the month prior to release.  For example, if a title is scheduled for release on July 4th, it will be available for preorder on the last Wednesday of June.  Preorders go live at 4pm EST.   Please be aware that preorder dates can change and we suggest customers check product description for exact preorder launch information.

    Q: I have placed my order and the status is Awaiting Fulfillment.  What does that mean?
    A: Awaiting fulfillment means the order has been received by the warehouse, but they have not shipped it yet.  For in stock (non-preorder) titles we usually ship same or next business day depending on what time the order was received.

    Q: I have placed my order and the status is Awaiting Payment.  What does that mean?
    A: We have received your order and placed an authorization for the cost against your credit card.  It will actually be charged when your order is ready to be shipped.

    Q: Is my credit card immediately charged when I place a preorder?
    A: Preorders place an authorization against your credit card when the purchase had been made, but not actually charged until your order is ready to ship.  Some debit and prepaid cards may show this authorization as a charge.  If you pay through PayPal, your credit card will be charged immediately.

    Q: What customs value is put on discs shipped Internationally?
    A: We put a customs value of $5 per disc

    Q: What happens when I have a preorder(s) and in-stock titles on the same order?
    A: the entire order will be held until the preorder titles are available to ship.  We suggest that if you wish to receive “in stock” titles immediately you order them separately from preorder titles.

    Q: Are your titles region coded?
    A: Most of our titles are region free and can be played anywhere.  Please verify by looking at the specifications for the specific title you are interested in.

    Q: Do your 3D titles also include a 2D release?
    A: Yes, all our 3D titles have both 2D and 3D versions, often on a single disc.

    Q: Do your titles include subtitles for the hard of hearing?
    A: Most all our titles do.  Please verify by looking at the specifications for the specific title you are interested in.