A Thanksgiving Thank You

A Thanksgiving Thank You

Posted by Nick Redman on Nov 24th 2016

On this tradition-laden day – one of our favorite holidays – it is time not only to celebrate the country we love, but also to give thanks for those things that mean the most to us: our friends and families, of course, but also those passions, those obsessions, those beloved pursuits that consume and fill our lives to the brim on the other 364 days of the year.

For the merry band at Twilight Time it is also a moment to take stock of how far we have come in a scant six years, and to reconfirm our dedication to the original mission: releasing an esoteric mix of classic films from around the world to the select group of folks who might appreciate them. When we started TT in the fall of 2010, we were not sure just what we were going to do, or how we were going to do it. We had named our fledgling label Twilight Time as a kind of joke: the sun might set on this idea, but quick! And how crazy was it to start a home video label at a time when the major studios were turning their backs on physical media, and the audience (especially the younger members) was starting to watch movies on their smartphones?

But undeterred we pressed on, and encouraged by the support we received, particularly from our friends at Twentieth Century Fox, we subsequently were able to make deals with Sony/Columbia, MGM/UA, Film Four International in the UK, Rewind Films in Italy, and Toei and Shochiku in Japan, among other independents. Because of their collective faith in us, we have amassed a release roster of more than 250 movies to date: films from every genre ranging from Academy Award®-winning classics, to those barely known features that managed to escape into the wild and are now given a chance to live again for those who might be interested in seeking them out.

Which is where you, dear readers (dear collectors!), come in. Without you we would quite simply not exist. We are touched on a daily basis by the emails, messages, and posts of encouragement we receive from you die-hard aficionados. You put your money where your mouths are and buy our releases and put up with the quirks and idiosyncratic oddities that are part and parcel of TT world. We are unconventional – we realize that; our limited edition model has taken time to get used to; and the fact that we are available at only two websites drives some of you mad. We sometimes miss our release dates, and of course our slightly higher than average price-point is a recurring point of controversy. Because we are only at those two websites – and our own portal, – we can’t take advantage of big box retailer discounts, but we do have the occasional sale. The one happening right now at Screen Archives is happily proving successful, with 13 of our titles selling out in the first two days. For that we are truly thankful.

It’s not always been easy, but again, you’ve made it possible. On this Thanksgiving Day it is you we would like to thank, for your support, your interest, your enthusiasm. From Brian Jamieson and I, from our beautiful essayist Julie Kirgo, from our intrepid production controller and blogger Mike Finnegan, from our music wizard Mike Matessino, and our fabulous graphic artist, Louis Falzarano, please accept heartfelt thanks and wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

2016 has had its challenges, for sure (the business has changed exponentially in the last five years), but with your help and belief, we can keep on keeping on. We have enough titles to get us to 2020 and hopefully beyond, and with you behind us our dedication to the quality presentation of classic cinema on home video will continue unabated. We hope you will be with us every step of the way.