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    April Love in August from Shirley Jones

    Posted by Twilight Time on

    Our Twilight Time comrades at Screen Archives are providing a limited special offer tomorrow, Wednesday, August 5 at 4PM EDT: an autographed copy of April Love signed by the fabulous Shirley Jones! This will be available to those customers who spend a minimum of $149.75, before shipping, on other TT product. You must add the signed edition to your cart and check out successfully with an order confirmation number to qualify. There will be a page just like the other titles to be added to your cart located on the homepage within the Twilight Time New Releases Box. It’s a first-come first-serve offer, with a limit of one per customer. You must have qualifying TT items within your current order. No previous or future orders qualify. TT has a jones for lovely Shirley: she also stars in TT’s Blu-ray of John Ford’s Two Rode Together and another title on the horizon for 2016. If you have a jones for Shirley and for collecting great movies, be one of the first 100 on board, only at