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    GOing Geek

    Posted by Mike Finnegan on

    For today’s National Geek Day commemoration, it would be entirely appropriate to view any of the seven Star Wars theatrical features, since the original opened in a moviegoing galaxy far, far away this day back in 1977. But a beloved franchise which originated in the previous decade has made a recent resurgence, and it certainly scores high on the geekometer as well. Gerry Anderson’s much-loved marionette science-fiction series Thunderbirds earned legions of fans around the world, chronicling the Tracy Family’s intrepid adventures operating International Rescue’s awesome array of air, space, seagoing and land-terrain super-vehicles. Last year, ITV Studios unveiled a series reboot, Thunderbirds Are Go, combining scale model miniatures and CGI effects supplied by the wizards at New Zealand’s WETA Workshop. The 26 episodes proved a mother lode of nostalgia for fans of the original puppet-powered property in England and Australia, and two more 26-episode series are planned. Since last month, Series One’s first 13 episodes are available on Amazon Prime, and new audiences are connecting with the exploits of the aero-, astro- and aqua-nautical Tracy clan, spymistress supreme Lady Penelope (voiced by Gone Girl Best Actress Oscar® nominee Rosamund Pike), her resourceful chauffeur Aloysius Parker and chief engineer Brains. Though some film “buffs” might scoff at being termed “geeks,” Twilight Time gamely puts you in the pilot’s seat for the two original theatrical feature films sparked by the original series via the hi-def Blu-ray double feature Thunderbirds Are GO (1966)/Thunderbird 6 (1968) in SuperMarionation, Technicolor and Techniscope, chockablock with an exhaustive array of Retrospective Featurettes, Expert Audio Commentaries, Test Footage and Behind-the-Scenes Marvels. It’s an essential primer for all things Thunderbirds. Geek out gloriously here: