January Preorders / Fellow Traveler

January Preorders / Fellow Traveler

Posted by Twilight Time on Jan 10th 2018

This month, Twilight Time focuses on love and marriage, and those frequent occasions when they don’t go together like a horse and carriage (although two of our releases are impeccably mounted period pieces from the equine-and-buggy era). Couples uncouple, consider the possibilities of revised couplings and contend with the specter of former spouses or cursed relations – along with attendant suspicions about infidelity, murder and the supernatural. Source materials include popular bestsellers from Daphne du Maurier and Anya Seton, as well as the acutely observant, personal experience-derived, screen-original inspirations of smart writer/directors named Allen and Mazursky, while top-drawer actors of different eras offer affecting turns that with powerful precision explore the passion and pain of both first-flush and abiding love. Four Academy Award®-nominated supporting performances and two Oscar®-nominated screenplays are reflected in this scintillating quartet: Preorders open today at 4 PM EST/1 PM PST for the January 23 TT hi-def Blu-ray debuts of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969), Dragonwyck (1946), Husbands and Wives (1992) and My Cousin Rachel (1952) at and

Another couple burning with a feverish movie-love, the label’s own Julie Kirgo and Nick Redman, weighs in below on another key figure and promotion for today:

In some sense, it’s no surprise that the marvelous writer-director Walter Hill has always been a friend to Twilight Time; in his work, after all, he clearly favors eccentric underdogs. Hill is a genre filmmaker and a genre fan – and genre movies of every stripe are, of course, TT’s meat and drink; we are fellow travelers, in terms of where our affections lie. But frankly, also, there’s the simple fact that beneath his rather deliberately maintained rough exterior, Walter Hill has a tender heart. When we beg a favor, he may pull a doleful face, but like his own heroes, he’s on the spot, ready to help.

We first met Walter back in 2007 when we pleaded with asked him to be the voice of another great director in our documentary, Becoming John Ford. Despite never having done anything like it before, Walter took to voiceover like a pro, and his gravelly timbre turned out to be the perfect sound for the supreme artist/agitator. John Ford might not have sounded like that, but he should have!

Since then, we have prevailed upon Mr. H to help in a number of matters, and he’s always ready. Take a look at his latest effort: signing a limited number of booklets for the TT release of his elegiac Western, Wild Bill (1995). How lucky can a little label get? Those treasured signed copies are available today at 4 pm EST, timed with our January Preorders. And we’ll be seeking his help again soon as we have yet another classic Hill title in our sights.

On the occasion of Walter’s 76th birthday today, January 10 – which of course makes him a stubborn, idealistic, fundamentally poetic Capricorn – all of us here at Twilight Time would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the man we’re privileged to call friend: the one and only Walter Hill.