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    King’s Men Is a Keeper

    Posted by Twilight Time on

    Tonight’s Republican Presidential Candidates Debate may produce memorable moments, but it’s too early in the forthcoming election cycle to know whether any one participant or platform may be judged a “keeper.” In his loose-limbed but compulsively readable new book Keepers: The Greatest Films – and Personal Favorites – of a Moviegoing Lifetime, author/filmmaker/historian Richard Schickel ruminates on Robert Rossen, the embattled writer-director who took some hard knocks during the Hollywood anti-Communist witch hunts due to his leftist political leanings. “But he kept working, in good times and bad, and seemed to me rather gallant. Rossen was the first movie director I ever met, and I probably should say that I liked him,” Schickel writes about the man who brought Robert Penn Warren’s powerful All the King’s Men (1949) to the screen. “In fact,” he adds of the Best Picture Academy Award® winner about a ruthless Southern politician’s populist rise and corrupt fall, “I think it’s better than the novel it is based on….Rossen has made a rollicking movie out of it.” All the King’s Men is on the campaign trail via Twilight Time hi-def Blu-ray.