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    May Preorders / Everyman Klugman

    Posted by Mike Finnegan on

    Preorders open today (at 4 PM EDT/1PM PDT) for five new Twilight Time Blu-ray offerings debuting May 12, all toplining scintillating leading ladies: Appassionata (Ornella Muti), Cat Ballou (Jane Fonda), Eureka (Theresa Russell), Garden of Evil (Susan Hayward) and I Could Go On Singing (Judy Garland). Their male co-stars, drawn from the likes of Academy Award® winners Gary Cooper, Gene Hackman and Lee Marvin, plus Dirk Bogarde, Gabrielle Ferzetti and Richard Widmark, are no slouches either, so give these worthy selections a thorough inspection as potential additions to your home collections.

    It took series television to make a leading man of Jack Klugman (1922-2012), born 94 years ago today, but the three-time Emmy® winner’s audience-pleasing success in two long-running TV series, The Odd Couple and Quincy M.E., followed years of fabulous work on stage (the 1952 revival of Golden Boy, the original Herbie in Gypsy, Walter Matthau’s successor in The Odd Couple) and attention-grabbing roles on the big screen (12 Angry Men, Cry Terror!, Days of Wine and Roses). Within the Twilight Time fold, he offers sturdy support to two of the biggest stars of all time. As George Kogan in May’s newly arriving I Could Go On Singing (1963), he is the manager who struggles to keep the talented but strong-willed singer Jenny Bowman (Judy Garland) in the performance zone as her messy personal life threatens to unravel her. He performs a similar function for NYPD detective Joe Leland (Frank Sinatra) in The Detective (1968), as Klugman’s fellow cop Dave Schoenstein helps his colleague deal with the bruising blow of seeing an innocent suspect mistakenly executed for murder while providing an example of a loving and committed marriage that seems to have eluded the world-weary Leland. Whether the roles were large or small, Klugman’s gravelly grace and everyman quality made him an ideal utility player, of which I Could Go On Singing and The Detective provide conclusive evidence that even the formidable Quincy could not refute.