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    Movingly Festive

    Posted by Mike Finnegan on

    The sixth annual TCM Classic Film Festival opens its studio gates for four days of big-screen moviegoing in Hollywood at the end of the month. Its theme this year is Moving Pictures, described by Festival planners as the films “that bring us to tears, rouse us to action, inspire us, even project us to a higher plane.” Among the celebrated films being shown are two terrific titles, both bountifully befitting the Moving Pictures criteria and which have already received marvelous hi-def treatment on Twilight Time Blu-rays. Winner of four Academy Awards®, The Song of Bernadette (1943) is the reverent retelling of the life and trials of French peasant girl Bernadette Soubirous (Jennifer Jones), whose visions of a “beautiful lady” believed by many to be the Virgin Mary, shouted a clarion call to faith and hope at the time its historical events took place (1858) and at the World War II-gripped time the movie played in theatres (1943-44). Check out TT’s Blu-ray here: From the religious fervor of times past we pivot to the pipe dreams of the down-and-out present in dusty Stockton, CA, for John Huston’s acclaimed character study Fat City (1972), starring Stacy Keach as a boxer whose glory days are behind him and Jeff Bridges as an up-and-comer striving to make a living as a professional fighter. With Leonard Gardner adapting his own novel for the screen, it is a haunting, lived-in tale that’s impeccably acted and full of grace notes that only a master director like Huston can conjure. Keach will be on hand for the screening, which will be derived from the same 4K Sony restoration as the hi-def presentation on TT’s disc. For a moving picture experience as unique, embracing and odiferous as you could ever want, TT co-founder Brian Jamieson’s Redwind Productions will present in association with Cinerama Inc., Scented Storytelling, Scent Events and the Institute for Art and Olfaction the North American premiere of a restored version of Holiday in Spain (1961) [aka Scent of Mystery], producer Michael Todd Jr.’s spectacular travelogue-thriller, on the epic-sized screen of the renowned Cinerama Dome. As you can surmise, this will be presented in its original Smell-o-Vision format as key aromas connected to the widescreen visuals will be pumped into the auditorium for a fragrantly immersive cinematic treat. If you’re unable to join our man Brian and his Cinerama Inc. colleague David Strohmaier at the TCM Festival screening, you can book Holiday in Spain (sans scents), directed by legendary cinematographer Jack Cardiff and starring Denholm Elliott, Peter Lorre, Leo McKern, Diana Dors and Beverly Bentley, on Blu-ray here: For more details on the April 28-May 1 TCM Classic Film Festival and to obtain specific screening dates and times as the Festival approaches, go to their website here: We’ve said it before: where classic movie lovers congregate, Twilight Time is often there. And in the case of another world premiere restoration playing at the Festival, TT will bring it home for you later this year.