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    New Heights of Multidimensionality

    Posted by Mike Finnegan on

    Moviegoers this weekend may experience vertigo big-time as two high-profile films offering spectacular 3D visual environments will immerse audiences as never before. The Walk, director Robert Zemeckis’s recreation of high-wire daredevil Philippe Petit's amazing 1974 high-wire walk between the two World Trade Center towers, will set hearts pounding as Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit hovers high in the Manhattan sky thanks to moviemaking wizardry. For those who don’t consider that flies high enough, Ridley Scott’s new science-fiction nail-biter The Martian accidentally strands astronaut Matt Damon on Mars, where he must struggle to survive while his comrades in the mother-craft in space and millions of miles away on mother Earth must decide to risk rescuing him. If the filmmakers do their job, eyeballs will pop. Twilight Time has already ventured into the 3D realm with its combo 3D/2D hi-def Blu-ray release of Man in the Dark (1953), the first 3D theatrical feature released by a Hollywood studio. Edmond O’Brien and Audrey Totter star in this intense noir about a gangster who commits a robbery, is quickly captured by police, and becomes the guinea pig for experimental brain surgery that results in amnesia. Not a good situation, as his underworld pals start getting on his case to recover the stolen loot. If one wants 3D effects that are akin to the dangers lurking everywhere for a stranded astronaut on an alien planet, Man in the Dark offers up such jolt-inducing menaces as a lit cigar, a spider, a gun barrel and a pair of scissors. If you fancy a high-wire walker’s perspective, try Man in the Dark's scarily topsy-turvy ride – and fight for one’s life – on an amusement park roller coaster. The label’s next combo 3D/2D title will be another mixture of action and fun: Captain Harlock: Space Pirate (2014), aka Kyaputen Harokku, an ambitious, bonus-packed, 2-disc package with 3D and 2D versions (in original Japanese and English) of this acclaimed Toei Animation spectacular about the manga-inspired outlaw hero. “With its overflowing imagination and magnificent visuals, this movie is one that the world has never seen before,” wrote James Cameron, a moviemaker who knows something about visual screen splendors in the 3D format. “Harlock leads the way to a world of new ideas.” More details will follow soon on TT’s December 8 release of Captain Harlock: Space Pirate.