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    October Harvest; Kerr Rhymes with Star

    Posted by Mike Finnegan on

    Pre-orders start today (at 4 PM EDT/1PM PDT) for Twilight Time’s five Blu-ray titles arriving to chill and cheer on October 13: Black Widow, Count Yorga, Vampire, Devil in a Blue Dress, Scream and Scream Again and Strange Invaders. Suspense, supernaturalism, shocks, sleuthing and space visitors, all in one hi-def quintet.

    Born this day 94 years ago, Deborah Kerr (1921-2007) contended with her share of suspense, supernaturalism, shocks and sleuthing (not space visitors, thankfully) across a 44-movie career, plus many more shades of the human condition. Her three movies available on Twilight Time hi-def Blu-ray are authentic gems, infused with her elegance, stillness and when roused, empathic passion. Directed by John Huston, Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (1957) is the first of her three memorable teamings with Robert Mitchum (the other two being The Sundowners and The Grass Is Greener), playing a dedicated nun stranded on a Japanese-held South Pacific island during World War II with a resourceful Marine. In her delicate and compassionate interactions with Mitchum’s rough-hewn jarhead and underneath her white garb, she reflects every color of the woman inside the habit. Co-starring with debonair David Niven in director Otto Preminger’s Bonjour Tristesse (1958), she peels back a worldly-wise demeanor to reveal the vulnerable woman underneath when she is betrayed by the man she loves, due to the machinations of his manipulative daughter (Jean Seberg). Kerr and Niven would also work together again in Eye of the Devil and Prudence and the Pill. As Hollywood columnist Sheilah Graham in director Henry King’s Beloved Infidel (1959), Kerr plays the ambitious career woman to a fare-thee-well, which Graham was, while still capturing, without excess, the romantic delirium of her needy yet tumultuous love of the failing, alcoholic F. Scott Fitzgerald (Gregory Peck). Heaven knows, Ms. Kerr, your effect on your co-stars and audiences ran deep, and your TT trio of titles provides ample proof. The tagline for The Hucksters said it all: Kerr rhymes with Star!