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    Recollected Dream

    Posted by Mike Finnegan on

    On this 55th anniversary of the day the national rollout release began on Elvis Presley’s easygoing “hillbilly family” musical Follow That Dream (1962), fond memories of the entertainer’s impact on the individuals he worked with and the Florida communities where the film was shot in the summer of 1961 attest to the legend’s magnetic charm and affable accessibility. He left an abiding impression on the locals who witnessed and/or participated in the Mirisch Company production directed with a light touch and amiable sincerity by the veteran Gordon Douglas, as attested to in these compilations of recollections of area residents from the Tampa Bay Times ( and the Ocala Star-Banner ( The King also continues to attract later generations with his musical moves and acting chops, as you’ll find here in Harley Payette’s 2012 essay for the Elvis Information Network website ( and this engaging Official Graceland Podcast posted two weeks ago: With five bouncy songs, crisp widescreen Panavision photography by Leo Tover and a marvelous array of character favorites in chipper form (Arthur O’Connell, Jack Kruschen, Simon Oakland, Alan Hewitt, Roland Winters and Frank DeKova), Follow That Dream is at your disposal to generate more personal good times to remember on Twilight Time hi-def Blu-ray here: And more Elvis Presley – in addition to his already available and quite memorable Western Flaming Star (1960) – joins the TT roster soon.