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    Say YES to DFZ

    Posted by Twilight Time on

    One-hundred thirteen years ago tomorrow, one of the greats of Hollywood history was born in Wahoo, Nebraska. Darryl Francis Zanuck – soldier, writer, producer, director, editor, production head, studio mogul, globetrotting jetsetter, industry giant – went from Rin Tin Tin scriptwriter to production chief at Warner Bros., then left to form 20th Century Pictures, which then merged with Fox Studios to become the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation of today. His three decades (on and off) of leadership – “in charge of production” was a standard on-screen credit, “Darryl F. Zanuck Presents” another – resulted in many of the crown jewels in the Twilight Time Blu-ray library, from 1939’s Drums Along the Mohawk to 1958’s The Roots of Heaven with many distinctive movie triumphs in between. A chief executive whose stamp was felt throughout all aspects of film production, he is also famed for the immortal quote “Don’t say yes until I finish talking.” Lovers of movie masterpieces, B-movies, genre pictures, noirs, docudramas, leggy, lighthearted musicals and Cinemascopic widescreen spectaculars have always said yes to Mr. Zanuck’s legacy quite readily and as far as they’re concerned, the movies that benefitted from the Zanuck touch will never finish talking, several on present and future TT hi-def Blu-ray discs.