Starry Club Membership

Starry Club Membership

Posted by Mike Finnegan on May 18th 2018

Here’s to the ladies who read and reinvigorate their sex lives in fabulous style! Twilight Time is literarily gratified that the iconic actresses who play the four key members of the warmly embraced romantic comedy Book Club (2018), opening nationwide today in theaters, belong in good standing to the TT society as well.

Academy Award® winner Diane Keaton headlines Baby Boom (1987, now at a fabulous 50% original list through May 31), Harry and Walter Go to New York (1976), Interiors (1978) and Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993).

Two-time Oscar® awardee Jane Fonda shows how it’s smartly done in Cat Ballou (1965, also part of the above-referenced limited-time 50% off original list promotion through May 31), The Chase (1966), Julia (1977), Comes a Horseman (1978) and Stanley & Iris (1990).

Once-and-future Emmy®-honored Murphy Brown portrayer Candice Bergen has graced our ranks in the now-sold-out Western adventure Bite the Bullet (1975), written and directed by the great Richard Brooks (1912-1992), to whose 96th birthday we make a tip of the Stetson today.

Marvelous Mary Steenburgen, the possessor of her own Melvin and Howard (1980) Oscar®, is in similar Book Club romantic-escapade territory in the fanciful A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (1982).

The sterling screen work of these fabulous femmes offers a compelling argument for cinematic literacy, and their TT hi-def Blu-rays might just be the library building blocks to transform your home entertainment life as well.