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    The Head of Sam Peckinpah

    Posted by twilight time on

    Sam Peckinpah’s Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia opened this day in 1974, reigniting the passions of the maverick director’s champions (Roger Ebert found it “extraordinary, a true and heartfelt work by a great director”) and detractors (Stanley Kauffmann demanded, “Bring me the head of Sam Peckinpah.”) Whatever your take on this gritty masterwork, Twilight Time proudly brought this grandiosely gritty film to Blu-ray last year and it sold out within a few months. If you want to check out the film, Turner Classic Movies airs it on Monday August 24 as part of its daylong salute to Warren Oates (along with Ride the High Country and The Wild Bunch). Meanwhile, TT can stoke your fire for more hi-def Peckinpah with the still-available Blu-rays of Major Dundee (both the 1965 Original Theatrical Cut and the 2005 Extended Version on two discs) and The Killer Elite (including Peckinpah’s rarely seen 1966 telefilm of Noon Wine). Bloody Sam makes for brilliant Blu-rays!