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    The Rapture of Unexpected Summer Movie Surprises

    Posted by Twilight Time on

    Bringing unheralded movie gems to light is part of the Twilight Time mission. Fifty years ago today, director John Guillermin’s unique and spellbinding Rapture opened in the U.S. to some critical approbation but not box-office staying power. But if, as it’s said, that the late Summer is the time for more adult-oriented fare to enter the popcorn-movie-saturated marketplace, consider this offbeat story of a young girl’s sexual awakening when a fugitive from the law invades her scenic but isolated country life to be a spellbinding and revelatory tonic. With great performances by Melvyn Douglas, Dean Stockwell and the extraordinary young Patricia Gozzi, it’s a compelling “beach-read” of a flick – and so much more – that TT serves up in eye-popping hi-def. If ever a film showcased the glory of black-and-white CinemaScope, this is it!