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    Undead Preorders / Hallowing Halloween (2): Mindwarp Games

    Posted by Mike Finnegan on

    Pre-orders start today (at 4 PM EDT/1PM PDT) for Twilight Time’s hi-def Blu-ray of John Carpenter’s Vampires, arriving October 27, just in time to haunt your Halloween nightmares in a specially-increased 5,000-unit limited edition.

    Going from fangs to Fangoria Films, consider two other names beloved of screen horror junkies besides that of John Carpenter: Bruce Campbell, the cult-film colossus who’s been a wonderful ensemble player in a fantastic variety of films and TV series but will be forever heralded as Ash Williams in Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness; and Angus Scrimm, the chilling Tall Man in the Phantasm movie series. Together they form the scream team of your dreams in the first film produced by the short-lived Fangoria Films production company: Mindwarp (1992). Set in a post-apocalyptic era of “Dreamers” locked in a virtual-reality fantasy world and “Crawlers,” cursed, cannibalistic subhumans who savagely seek to overturn the status quo, Mindwarp is a kaleidoscopic mashup of mental manipulation, blood-and-guts, Big Brother and other futuristic sci-fi tropes that evoke the great fantasy films of memory, ranging from The Time Machine to The Matrix to The Road. Despite a limited budget, director Steve Barnett thought big when it came to the film’s story. “It had so much going on in it…the nature of reality, the individual versus society, environmental disaster, the degeneration of civilization, mother/daughter relationships, father/daughter relationships, the dissolution of the family, incest, cannibalism, religion, abortion, matricide, patricide, mutant leeches and recycling. And we got to grind people up in a tree chipper kinda thing.” That terrifying ambition – – and the adversarial machinations of screen icons Campbell and Scrimm – compels Mindwarp to top-of-mind status on en icons Campbell and Scrimm – compels Mindwarp to top-of-mind status on Twilight Time hi-def Blu-ray.