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    With Documentary Precision: Paul Greengrass Resurrected

    Posted by Twilight Time on

    Director Paul Greengrass, who turns 60 today, is currently at work on the next Jason Bourne action thriller, reteaming him with his The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum and Green Zone star Matt Damon, due in theatres next summer. His two Bourne films, as well as Bloody Sunday, United 93 and Captain Phillips, have earmarked Greengrass, who started out in documentaries, as an expert cinematic storyteller exploring brave individuals in desperate straits. That goes back to his first theatrical feature Resurrected (1989), which dramatizes the fact-based tale of a British soldier (played by David Thewlis) who went missing in action during the Falklands War but comes back to a hero’s welcome – and a world of doubt and trial – among his family, friends and especially his comrades in uniform. Twilight Time’s Blu-ray of this tense and ultimately shattering drama features interviews with Greengrass and Thewlis that cast light on Greengrass’s unique gift for dramatizing complex issues, breathtaking action and individual resilience with unique clarity and bracing force.