Plan 9 From Outer Space (DVD)

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The most popular Atomic Age cult film of the 20th Century! Winner of the Golden Turkey Awards for Worst Picture and Worst Director of All Time!

Starring: Gregory Walcott, Tom Keene, Mona McKinnon, Duke Moore, Carl Anthony

Directed By: Edward D. Wood Jr.

Written By: Edward D. Wood Jr.

Language: English

Video: 480i Standard Definition / 1.33:1 / B&W

Audio: English Dolby Digital Mono

Subtitles: None

Theatrical Release: 1959

Runtime: 78 Minutes

Rating: NR

Region Code: 1 (US & Canada)

Special Features: Includes the Retrospective Documentary Flying Saucers Over Hollywood: The Plan 9 Companion (1992, 111 min.), featuring interviews with stars Gregory Walcott, Carl Anthony, Paul Marco, Vampira and Conrad Brooks, plus sci-fi historian Forrest J. Ackerman and directors/fans Sam Raimi and Joe Dante

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction