Shipping & Returns


Update as of 7/2: Due to extremely high order volume and Covid-19 restrictions, we are taking significantly longer than normal to ship. We are working through our backlog as quickly as we can.  

We appreciate your patience while we work through our backlog.  We are pleased to report that over 93% of the orders placed in the month of May (5/10-5/31) and over 85% of the orders placed in May and June (5/10-6/30) have shipped.  Please know that we are working hard to get the balance of the orders out to you.  We previously posted an estimated schedule (still posted below this update).  We are currently running overall approximately 2-3 days behind of that estimate as of Monday July 5th for several reasons:  We had to drop the shipping pace on Monday and Tuesday to devote resources to doing some inventory verification counts (something we haven't been able to do since the start of the sale) and get the balance of our inventory checked in.  We had previously mentioned that we might prioritize most of our international shipments.  We ended up doing this for most countries as they are taking 8-12 weeks to be delivered once shipped.  Finally, we didn't take into account that the warehouse was closed for all three days of the holiday weekend - we had July 5th as a shipping day on the original schedule.  We still made a lot of progress with the May titles we hoped to have completely shipped by this week:  99% of the orders from 5/11-5/12 have shipped as of today.

Based on everything above here is the revised shipping estimate as of 7/2.  Please note that we are now giving more dates in a wider range.  Our original estimate didn't take order size into account, just average shipping volumes for the sale so far.  After hearing from some of you, we would rather give you a date range that we feel we can meet going forward rather than a specific date that we will come close to hitting but may miss.

Order date                                        Estimated Ship Date

5/11-5/31                                          between 7/6 and 7/10 (we are working to get the remaining orders from 5/11-5/12 out early in the week)

6/1-6/30                                            between 7/9 and 7/16

7/1-7/6                                              between 7/15 and TBD

We will be back with a status update after Wednesday July 8th to let you know how we are doing.


Update as of 6/15/20: Due to extremely high order volume and Covid-19 restrictions, we are taking significantly longer than normal to ship. We are working through our backlog as quickly as we can.  Here is when we estimate your package will ship:

Order date                                         Estimated Ship Date
5/11                                                    By 6/26
5/12-5/14                                            By 7/1
5/15-5/18                                            By 7/2
5/19-5/25                                            By 7/5
5/26-5/30                                            By 7/6
5/31-6/4                                              By 7/7
6/5-6/8                                                By 7/8
6/9-6/14                                              By 7/9
6/15-6/17                                            By 7/10
6/18-6/22                                            By 7/12


Update as of 6/15/20: Due to the global pandemic, international orders are taking 2-3 times longer than normal to arrive at their destination.

Effective June 20th we will only ship international via Federal Express (with the exception of Canada).


We ship via First Class, Priority Mail and Federal Express. We will present you the shipping options that are available for your order when checking out. Shipping is priced by weight. We strive to ship all in stock titles within two business days of the order being received. Pre-orders will ship on or before their scheduled release date unless there is a manufacturing delay beyond our control.


RETURNS? All sales are final. We cannot accept returns at this time. For special circumstances you may appeal this policy by emailing, however we reserve the right to deny a return request at our discretion.


If you suspect a "defective" disc please check your player settings and make sure your machine has the latest updates from its manufacturer. If necessary, try the suspected disc on another player. We use only professional replicators; therefore, defective discs are very rare. If the disc still won’t play, please contact us within five days of receipt with the problem to secure a return authorization number and send the disc back for inspection. If we determine that the disc is indeed defective,we will resend a new disc or refund, including the cost of your return postage. However you must first obtain return authorization approval prior to returning your disc.


If the disc is okay but the print packaging and/or case is damaged in transit, we will provide a new case and sleeve only upon evidence of the damage. Please email a picture of the damage to