Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich (Blu-ray)

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At a star-studded premiere at Grauman’s World Famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood, Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich sailed into movie history on April 8th, 1958. The brainchild of National Theatres, who hoped to compete with rival widescreen sensation Cinerama, Windjammer was the first (and eventually, the only) film to use the Cinemiracle process. Utilizing proprietary widescreen technology accompanied by seven-channel audio, Cinermiracle was the perfect format to tell the sweeping adventure of the Christian Radich, a Norwegian square-rigger, and her crew.

Now newly restored from original camera elements, the color, the music, and the true artistry of this classic are reborn in a definitive Blu-ray edition. Embarking from Oslo, Norway, the Christian Radich sets out across the Atlantic with a storm-tossed stop in Madeira, where New Year’s festivities entice the young crewmen to enjoy Portuguese musical celebrations and heart racing rides in basket sleds down steep cobblestone streets. After that, it is on to Willemstad, Curacao, where young sailors take part in Dutch festivities. They catch a courtyard performance of Pablo Casals in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, they’re greeted by native steel bands and Calypso singers. By the time they arrive in New York, the Cinemiracle cameras offer a kaleidoscopic treat of color and sound created by famed photographer Arthur “Weege” Fellig. A later encounter with the U.S. Navy Task Force makes for a grand promenade of ships, and when underwater shots of frogmen and a submarine emerge from the depths to reveal the Windjammer on the open sea, Cinemiracle becomes the true star of this breathtaking story. Presented in Smilebox® curved screen format, audiences are once again able to rediscover and re-appreciate this timeless and newly-restored cinema gem!

Starring: Bjørn Amvik, Arne Andersen and Per Antonsen

Directed By: Louis De Rochemont, Bill Colleran

Written By: James L. Shute

Score By: Jack Shaindlin

Language: English

Video: 1080P / 2.56:1 / Color

Audio: DTS-HD Master  5.1 

Subtitles: None

Theatrical Release: 1958

Runtime: 142 Minutes

Rating: NR (Not Rated)

Region Code: Region Free (A/B/C)

Special Features: The Windjammer Voyage: A Cinemiracle Adventure (2012): A new documentary by historian Dave Strohmaier on the film’s original production - 56 min, The Reconstruction of Windjammer: A behind the scenes look at the reconstruction and restoration of Windjammer from the original Cinemiracle camera elements, The Windjammer Breakdown Reel - 14 min, The Christian Radich Today at the Aalbourg Denmark Tall Ships Festival 2010 - 7 min, Windjammer Trailer: New re-creation from the original 1958 release trailer - 3 min, Windjammer Behind The Scenes Slideshow: Featuring images of the production, the original exhibition, and original publicity of the film - 9 min, - Cinemiracle Booklet Image Gallery: Facsimile of an original Windjammer Cinemiracle booklet"

Genre: Documentary, Travelogue